"Hi, what's your name?

Alright, is this poem for you or for a loved one?

Okay, what's his/her name?

Now then, what are three words you'd like to have in the poem? Awesome. Give me 5 minutes. This will be fun."

A unique, interactive poetry experience that celebrates human connection. Strangers give Adam three words and watch him spin their words into a blend of magic, sentiment and sincerity.

Several events he has done are Fresh Beauty, Formula 1, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Club Monaco.

On-the-spot typewritten poems & calligraphy

On-the-spot typewritten poetry and calligraphy for your guests is one sure way to etch your event in their minds forever!

Adam, alongside frequent creative collaborator Diana of The Wild Abandon, will head down to your event (anywhere across Singapore). Your guests give them three words and a name, and a poem will be crafted for them on a typewriter on the spot, finished with their name in calligraphy.

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