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Your very own special-edition customised poem - printed on a quality t-shirt. Get it for yourself, for matching wear with your favourite human, or absolutely anything at all! Available in bulk order for special memories & corporate events.


Written based on 3 words & a backstory given by you, I hope this becomes more than just a shirt for you. I hope it feels like modern armour, a superhero’s cape, a warm embrace, a tangible reminder on skin & soul that you are the most important person in your universe. This shirt features a special edition poem uniquely crafted for you - because you deserve it. You’re a special edition human x


Interested in adding a video message greeting card to your purchase? Get it here!


How customised will this t-shirt be?

FRONT: See that little typewriter image? On the paper of the image, you can choose to customise it to any name that you'd like.
BACK: The poem written exclusively for you will be printed on it.


Does it have to be a brand new poem? Or can I chose one of the poems you've written on IG, or your poetry book, or a poem you've written for me before?

You absolutely can! I'd be honoured to - in the custom text field below (Give us three words, who the poem is for & from etc) simply shoot the link of the poem you'd like me to have printed on the back. Or, if you'd like a poem I've written for you previously on the shirt, simply let me know in the comment section! Will get in touch and have it done for you.


Will I know the poem before I have it sent to me?

Definitely! Before we send your shirt out for production, we'll first send the softcopy version of the poem for your approval. We want you to fall in love with this new apparel just for you.


How long will my order take to arrive?

Each customised poetry t-shirt takes roughly 1 month to 1.5 months to arrive upon your purchase. The reason being we work with 2-week production cycles (to collate total orders because each printing run needs a set-up cost), and the tees are shipped in from overseas and printed by a local reputable printer. But rest assured that we'll be as efficient as we can be to make sure it reaches you as soon as possible - and be on standby for your enquiries every step of the way.


I need my shirt urgently, am I able to expedite this?

Yes! If you require a speedier production timeline, we can do our best to work with it! Just drop us a line. Usually this would be for higher quantity orders, where we are happy to absorb the set-up cost :)


What size should I get?

Please note that the sizes are unisex, Kimberly in the photoshoot is wearing XS and Adam is wearing 2XL for a more relaxed fit. 3XL is only available in white, black, navy and sport grey. The size guide can be found in the images above.


What are the washing instructions?

Turn garment inside out when washing. Do not iron over print. Avoid using fabric softener and bleach.

Tshirt: Customised Poem Special Edition Apparel


10% Discount for Multiple Shirts Purchased!

    1. Turn garment inside out when washing
    2. Do not iron over print
    3. Avoid using fabric softener and bleach
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