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This was a collaboration between xHundredFold and The Novel Encounter to create a beautiful, high-quality notebook/sketchbook.


This book is for you and no one else. Take down your encounters, whether pleasant or unpleasant. There is always something to look back on with fondness, and always something to look forward to.

May you fill its pages with memories of your own. A poem by Adam Tie in the back page.


I’m not off to see the wizard,
I have all I need
to be champion of the yellow brick road.
Through this spilled ink
lies my inclinations,
my triumphs, my silent tragedies,
my pickpocketed wizardry
that belongs to no one but myself.
I don’t need clear skies to embark -
I’m a trailblazer, the silver lining chaser,
smiling through hurricanes because
in my heart
I know my glorious purpose. 
This is to the world I own,
mixture of history and frontier, 
a circle of electric attentions 
that is endlessly 
different from yours,
from his,
from hers
And all you need to know
is that I’m
giving my everything
to protect it.

- Adam Tie / Novel Encounter

• Dimensions: 130(w) X 180(h) mm

• 160 pages / 120 gsm

• Made from chipboard (Fabric cover), 100% recycled paper & natural kraft paper (inner) 

• Printed with soy-based ink

Hardcover Notebook

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