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Provide 3 words (perhaps a little backstory too: like who this is for, the reason behind these words), and we will turn it into a poem for you!


This has been done at live events to great success, where Adam churns out freestyle poems on the spot in under 5 minutes.


Want to purchase multiple poems (eg 10 poems for a wedding)? Visit our bulk order webpage and we can arrange a seamless way to do it!)


Interested in adding a video message greeting card to your purchase? Get it here!


Note: All poems are typewritten on A6 sheets of paper


A collection of Adam's poetry (inspired by 3 words given by authentic strangers), named Finders & Keepers, has been published by award-winning publishing house Landmark Books, and is available for purchase!

Customised Typewritten Poetry


Buy 5+ Poems, Get 10% Off!

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