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Live Events: Customised Typewritten Poetry

This feels like a love letter.

It might sound obvious when I say this, but I have so much fun writing poetry. Customised typewritten poems have been available on The Novel Encounter almost since day 1 but it just occurred to me that I was providing the service of on-the-spot poetry long before it was even in store.

I used to enjoy just picking the brains of friends, asking them to give me 3 words - however random - and I'd try to spin it into something creative on the spot. I think one of the first ones I ever wrote was "overeasy, eel, heartbreak". So when brands started inviting me to provide it for their customers, it was a dream come true.

I hope the sentiment remains but I've never felt nervous going into a live event. It's always excitement, pumped up to provide solace to strangers. You tell me who you are, where you've been & how you feel - and I do my best to spin that into poetry.

Live events is when the experience of typewriting poetry is the most fun. Not to say that I don't enjoy writing online orders that come in - but the situation of chatting with a stranger, typewriter between us, engaging in a moment together that will eventually result in a poem is just such a warm situation I never thought I could do for so many years. We're putting it down together, you see?

The nuances, the intimate details, the disposition, the general vibe of human connection always comes through the best in person. Yes, this indeed is a love letter. It's a description of the warmth, the adoration and an open declaration. I genuinely hope I get to do live typewritten poetry events for a very, very long time. Because that always makes me feel more lifted, more hopeful of the human experience.

Mic drop, soul lift. Love you all.

Keen to hire my customised typewritten poetry services for a live event? Email me at and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! Appreciate you & have an awesome day.

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