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Behind anything significant is a story to tell. Here at The Novel Encounter, we're proud to embark on projects that tell stories in our unique poetic & whimsical style. We work closely with brands to create something fresh to showcase & make their own. We want to prove that there is poetry found in everything.


UNIQLO engaged Adam to be part of their Masterpiece campaign, where he alongside several other crafters share their stories and unique perspective on what makes a Masterpiece.


Moleskine sent Adam their smart notebook that allows a seamless upload of digital versions of his scribbled pages.


So he partnered with illustration wizard Andre Wee to showcase what happens when two creatives converse over coffee & doodles. And they met on the same page.

Asia Civlisation Museum engaged Adam to be part of their mental wellness special exhibition, where he was featured as the live event alongside an informative exhibit of ways to find clarity & peace in both body and spirit.

Long Live The Creatives is a self-produced 3-part video podcast that champions the local creative scene. It featured local creatives Benjamin Kheng, Bellywellyjelly & Joshua Simon.



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