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Adam Tie is the founder of The Novel Encounter, a business that focuses on creative projects revolved around poetry & mental wellness.

Adam Tie is a published poet & author, and founder of The Novel Encounter. His poetry collection Finders & Keepers and debut novel This Life Electric both made it to Kinokuniya’s Bestsellers list. If you’ve ever witnessed his magic, you'd probably recognise his signature1920s refurbished typewriter & familiar words - “give me 3 words, and I’ll write you a poem within 5 minutes.”


Well-known for his live typewritten poetry, Adam has been invited by brands, agencies, festivals & weddings to provide unique experiences for guests with his instantly relatable writing style & engaging personality. He has also been invited to make workshops & speeches to corporates, brands & schools.

Adam’s dream is to champion the significance of words & creative expression across channels and dimensions. Aside from live events, his works have been featured in physical retail & art installations. He has also collaborated with brands to use poetry to elevate & express their message.


Nothing is out of the ordinary, anything is exciting for a discussion. Keen to explore something together? Please get in touch!​

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